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As we recognize that success requires a life full of Action, sometimes we may be exposed to injuries, defects and diseases during this process. We follow up the products and innovations that will facilitate your life and manufacture products for a healthy life.We manufacture most of Orthosoft products at our own facilities and quality control of products is made by our own experts.Orthosoft Product Development Department is striving to develop Ecological products.Orthosoft products are sensitive about both your health and the environment.Our vision is to improve our range with products at higher standards without making any concession on our professional ethical rules and by using modern high technologies, to create more employment and to become a leading company in the sector in domestic and international markets.

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Product Code: OS 7610 Indications: • Traumatic cases • After cervical surgery • Cervical tendonitis • Muscle spasm • Disc hernia • Osteoarthritis Sizes: SMALL BIG
Product Code: OS 4000 Indications: • In conservative treatment of vertebral compression fractures • After spinal surgery • In Laminotomy • In Adult kyphosis Sizes: S-M L-XL XXL-XXXL
Product Code: GR 1207 Indications: * In shoulder supluxation * In the dissipation of pain and edema * For thrmotherapy purposes Sizes: Standard

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